What’s next for Nihongo no Kana?

As of version 1.0.3, Nihongo no Kana supports every available iOS device, from the iPod to the iPad.
Now that the whole iOS family can run our little app, what’s next step?

iCloud synchronization

Actually, the fact that people are now able to use Nihongo no Kana on different devices like the iPad and the iPhone has revealed an obvious need inside the app.

As you may know, Nihongo no Kana records your progress in the “Practice” mode. Currently, your progress is tied to the device. It means that you cannot start a learning session on your iPhone and continue it on your iPad. Session data is not synchronized between your iCloud devices. We see this as a failure for the experience of our users.

So, the next release of Nihongo no Kana should contain this really interesting feature.


We are considering adding some achievements to Nihongo no Kana to offer a funnier and more addictive experience. It may also help us provide our users with progressive challenges and thus a better learning experience.

Game Center offers all we need to implement this feature, as well as social interactions with your friends and a good place to see how they are doing and compare with each other.


Learning is better when it is a pleasure. And what brings more pleasure on your iOS devices than games? Of course, we’re not talking about AAA class games. We are talking about simple and intuitive games built to improve your knowledge on the japanese written language. We already have cool ideas for this kind of mini-games, but fell free to tell us what you would like to see in the app about this topic.

These features will be implemented in future major releases of Nihongo no Kana. Stay tuned!


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