Announcing Nihongo no Kana 1.1

The new major version of Nihongo no Kana has been submitted today to Apple for review. This version 1.1 should be available for download on the App Store in less than 15 days. It includes two new features improving the general user experience.

Saving Kana Selections Between Sessions

Some users asked us several times to be able to save their selections of kana between different uses of the app. It is now possible. If you quit the app or are interrupted by a phone call, your last selection of kana will be saved and you will get it back during your next session.

iCloud Synchronization Support

We promised it several months ago, it is now a reality. iCloud synchronization allows you to share your progress between all of your iOS devices.

The use of iCloud remains of course optional. Nihongo no Kana will ask on its first run if you want to enable this feature. Then, you can switch it on or off from the new settings menu avaiable in Settings > Nihongo no Kana.

This feature requires a device running iOS 5 or later version. However, Nihongo no Kana 1.1 remains compatible with iOS 4.3, but without iCloud support.


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