Google AdMob 6.4.1 – Testing devices with iOS 6

On March 21st, Apple announced that the new apps or upgrades wont be accepted anymore after May 1st, 2013 if they make use of the Unique Device Identifier (UDID).

This ID was used by advertising firms in order to target users. Constrained to find another solution, Google, like its competitors, has to update its SDK and published the version 6.4 (then 6.4.1) of the AdMod Development Kit to address this issue.

In the same time, the method to request test banners has changed. Till AdMob SDK 6.2, you have to use the following code:

Since version 6.4, this code will output the following message in your console:

We have tried it “as is” to display our test banners in the iOS simulator. However, this code is wrong.

In order to avoid you many unsuccessful searches, here is the correct code to display test banners in the iOS simulator.

Note: Even when using the code above, the message will continue to appear. The provided code in the console by Google seems good for devices other than the simulator.


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