Nihongo no Kana and iOS 7

Now that iOS 7 is about to be released to the public, it it time to consider its impact on Nihongo no Kana. As you may see in the following screenshots, the app remains functional after upgrading to the new system and you should not encounter any major problem.

Obviously, the design is not anymore suitable but version 2.0 will improve it, among other new features.

A single issue has been detected during our tests under iOS 7 : on Hiragana or Katakana selection screens, the first category header may lay under the status bar of the device. This results in some issues when trying the tap the All and None buttons. However, we consider this is not a blocking issue for most of our users, so we will not provide an intermediary update. This issue will be addressed with version 2.0.

nnk-ios-01 nnk-ios-02 nnk-ios-03 nnk-ios-04


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