What’s up with Nihongo no Kana 2.0

As we previously announced, we are working for several months on version 2.0 of Nihongo no Kana. Today, we are pleased to announce that improvements to the user interface for iOS 7 are complete and that all features are functional. However, it remains some bugs to fix (with the iCloud synchronization among others) before releasing the new version to the public.

Nihongo no Kana - Update 2.0

New User Interface

iOS 7 has dramatically changed your iPhones and iPads. We wanted to upgrade Nihongo no Kana to match Apple’s new philosophy in user interface design. You will discover much clearer layouts and, we hope too, much more beautiful.

New Screen for News

In order to lighten the home screen, we moved the news to a brand new dedicated section. Nihongo no Kana will notify you if you have missed some of them and keep track of those you read.

Note: On the first launch of this new version, all available news will be considered “fresh”. You will just have to click on the Mark as read button to make them disappear.

Writting Mode

Writting mode makes finally its entrance. However, as we were not satisfied with the current practice mode, we prefer to release only the learning mode which enables you to know in which order strokes are drawn for all signs. Practice mode will be available soon in a future update.


Nihongo no Kana 2 now requires iOS 6 or future releases of the system. Compatible devices are: iPhone 3GS and later, iPad 2 and later and iPod Touch starting with the 4th generation.


2 comments on “What’s up with Nihongo no Kana 2.0”

  • On the 22nd of February 2014 at 2:17pm,
    pripri said:
    Really can't wait for the release, this is the only app that gets me into learning hiragana and katakana. Keep up on the good work !


    • On the 22nd of February 2014 at 2:51pm,
      xhaleera said:
      Thank you for sharing the love!


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