Who runs this website ?

My name is Christophe SAUVEUR. I’m a french programmer, web and graphic designer.
I’ve started programming a long time ago and embrassed the open source community a few years later.
I’m employed in a french game compagny and spend my spare time building apps for the iOS and OS X platforms, open source software, along with helping several open source groups in different area of competence (from code to translation).

Feel free to use any software from this site you may find of any help.

Xhaleera.com is hosted by PHPNET

What is Xhaleera ?

Xhaleera is an original name of my invention.
Initially, xhaleera.com was my personal website. Now, it has become a repository for all my works in the Open Source community or for the iOS and OS X platforms.
All open source projects are released under the GNU GPL v2 unless mentionned otherwise.

You want to support us ?

The apps and tools available on this site can be downloaded for free. Some of them may eventually contain ads we hope non intrusive.

However, even fueled by our passion, developing those apps and tools requires time and sometimes money. Your support, although left to your discretion, is very important for us.

You will find in the page footer of the website a “Donate” button provided by PayPal. Thank you in advance to those who choose to participate.


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