What is Nihongo no Kana?

Nihongo no Kana is a learning software for the japanese language and its two base syllabaries : Hiraganas and Katakanas.

Each of both syllabaries counts 46 signs. When combined, they can form all the sounds used in the japanese language. Hiraganas are used for japanese native words and Katakanas for foreign words.

Perfect knowledge of those signs is mandatory for any good learning of the japanese language.

What do users think about Nihongo no Kana?

Nihongo no Kana is rated with an average of 4.7 on the App Store.

You can find below some reviews from our users:

“Exactly what I was looking for. This app is simple and easy to use. It’s helped me a lot.”

“This app is very helpful to learn katakana an hiragana. Learning one everyday. Hopefully it sticks. Thanks and awesome work.”

How to use it?

Characters selection

Before learning and practicing, you have to select the characters you want to study.

You can select as many characters as you want and even mix Hiraganas and Katakanas.

To choose the characters, click the Hiraganas and Katakanas buttons at the bottom of the application to reach the list then click on the groups of characters to select them. Those you have not mastered appear in red, those you already know in green.


Once characters are selected, you have to memorize them to learn them.

Click on the Reading button at the bottom of the application then on the Learn button. On the next screen, arrows on both side of the progress bar enable you to navigate through your selection of characters.

At any time, you can edit your sélection or go back to the Reading screen to start practicing.


You can test your knowledge by clicking the Reading button at the bottom of the application then on the Practice button.

The application will offer random characters from your selection. Name them with the virtual keyboard then press the Finish key to check your input.

If your answer is correct, click the Continue button to skip to the next character.

If your answer is wrong, you can choose to retry ou to reveal the good answer thanks to the Retry and Answer buttons.


Nihongo no Kana helps you following your progress throughout the learning. All along your exercices, selected characters will appear in color depending on your knowledge.

Red means you had given more wrong answers than good ones when the corresponding character had been submitted. Green means the contrary.

Furthermore, on the Reading screen, two progress bars show your general mastering level for each type of syllabaries.


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